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6 Top Reasons That Make Turntable A Perfect Gift Choice For Christmas 2021

by Arnold Zhang on November 12, 2021

Vinyl came out in the 1950s and was one of the most popular ways of listening to music until the 1980s and 1990s when CDs started to take over. In time, CDs were partially replaced by digital downloads and streaming services.

No one knows how vinyl started to make a comeback, and maybe it was never really dead. Still, it’s a fact vinyl has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity, seeing a year-on-year increase in sales for the last decade.

According to the RIAA, vinyl record sales increased by almost 30% in 2020.

If you are a newbie to the vinyl world, let's see why you should add one to your gear collection. If you are a big fan of vinyl, consider buying a turntable for your loved one and show them what vinyl is supposed to be.

Christmas is around the corner, and 1byone Turntable is on Black Friday Sale and Christmas sale now. Here are the top 6 reasons that I think would make record players the best gift for this Christmas:


1.Playing Records Is Immersive

For me, the ritual involved in playing my records is delicious. Before my finger rests on the album I am looking for,  I’ll thumb through my record collection delightedly examining every beauty in my library. I carefully slide the record out and check the record's surface under the light for dust, and if necessary, quickly brush off any lint or dust collected.

Next, I place the record on the platter and clamp it to the spindle, quickly blow on the stylus to remove any dust or fuzz collected, and then I’ll lift and subsequently lower the needle to the record.

The soft thump I hear when the needle makes initial contact with the vinyl is worth savoring. If music is a religion, then this is the sacrament.


2.It Provides High-Quality Sound

There is heated debate on whether digital music sounds better than analog, but most pick analog. It is believed that the direct drive turntable provides more accurate and continuous speed, while the improved belt drive technology provides better sound quality and less motor distortion.

The proof is in the pudding because many recording and mixing engineers convert digital audio tracks to analog audio tracks to make the music to add more flavor into their production. You will rarely hear an engineer going the opposite way.

While you might not be able to snag tickets to live concerts right now, it is also nice to know that you can hold a concert yourself, pick the music you wish to enjoy, and hear it as many times as you want in your cozy room.


3.ShowYour Great Taste In Music

People who love vinyl records are often very picky about what they listen to. They don't listen to popular, mass production music. They listen to bands or musicians with artistic sincerity and great songwriters who have keen insight into the production.

Bands and musicians that meet these criteria are the ones you can find in record stores. When you only listen to vinyl records, you subconsciously decide to never, ever drift with the tide. And that’s cute.


4.Records And Record Players Look Awesome

Sure, you could have all of your books and music and media stored somewhere in the cloud or on your computer. But personally, if I don’t have a physical copy, I don't feel like I own the product.  

Besides, decorate your home or apartment with a bookcase full of records and other collectibles neatly placed, which is more eye-catching and warmer than an empty room with a laptop sitting on a plain desk, especially if you own a nice vintage looking turntable like the 1byone turntable.


5.Vinyl is Just Cooler

I remember the time when I used to get my first brand-new album. It wasn't just about the sound of the record but the unboxing experience.

The cover looked nice, the sleeve looked great, and it would be better if a poster was folded up inside.

Once we started using CDs, it just wasn’t the same, mainly because everything was smaller. Of course, there are brochures and other extras, but everything was crammed up.

More importantly, unlike vinyl sleeves that can be used for a long time, CD cases sometimes break when you take them out of the plastic packaging.

When digital music came along, all that was out the window. Even though it was convenient to access tunes through a digital device, there was nothing tangible to hold on to.

When you own a turntable, you can get outstanding vinyl records and enjoy them any time you'd like.


6.Buying Records Is An Experience

The vinyl record is an incredibly durable and elegant simple medium. It is an end-to-end analog format that more closely reproduces what the artist initially played in the studio, from the recording and pressing to playback.

There’s something magical about buying records. It’s the type of experience that got lost in iTunes and Spotify generation. It’s the kind of experience where you can spend hours searching for music aimlessly. 

You may take gambles and give money on albums having no idea how they sound. You join the vinyl community, talk to people who have faith in this invention, share opinions and tastes in music, and finally make friends.

It's more of social interactions than any apps, or online music store could ever be.


Get One for Yourself or Your Cared One

Here, I think that you might get the general picture of vinyl. Christmas is around the corner, and 1byone Turntable is on Black Friday Sale and Christmas sale now. If you decide to dive into vinyl world or have someone worth being grateful for, don’t wait until next year and get it now!

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