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About speakers

Is there a built-in speaker? I need to connect external speakers?

      Sorry to tell you that this turntable does not have built-in speaker. But you can connect the included speakers with included speaker wires, or connect          your own powered/active speakers via RCA output.

What are the specs on the speakers? Does each speaker have a woofer and tweeter and bass port?

      Each speaker has a woofer and tweeter port. Output power:18W*2. 

Will the built in preamp be able to power 80watt speakers alone without the speakers that the turn table comes with?

      Yes, you can bypass the built-in preamp and connect with your own pre-amp and speakers.

About Installation

We set up everything as instructed. the table would not turn. did this happen to you and if so, what did you do? *using a 33rpm, turnable mod

      Please double check if the belt is correctly looped on the platter and the motor pulley. And turn on the power switch on the back of the turntable to check if the indicator light turns on. If yes, please press PLAY button to check if the platter spins.

Do I need any other components (besides what’s included) to set this up for use? Are there video instructions?

      No. Everything is included. Simple directions and there is a video on Amazon showing how to.

Does this set have everything I need to start playing/listening to my vinyls out of the box?

      Yes it does.

About Wireless Speakers Connection

Can you play the music through bluetooth speakers - not through the speakers provided?

      Sorry that this turntable cannot connect with Bluetooth speakers. You can connect your own active/powered speakers with RCA cable.

About Instruction

Is it possible to upgrade the cartridg

      You can upgrade the cartridge as long as it's moving magnet cartridge. And we only suggest replacing the catridge by professional person as it might    damge the product.

What replacement stylus/needle does this take?

      The cartridge of this turntable is from Audio-technica 3600.

Does the dust cover hinge stay open in any position, or does it slam shut if you let go?

      The dust cover will stay open in 45 degree, it won't slam shut.

Could I lay the speakers sideways if the do not fit upright on my music stand? will that effect the speaker

      Yes you can, no problems at all.

Could it plays all those (33's, 45's, 78's)?

      You can play 33s and 45s only.

What do the included speakers connect with?

      Wires that come with it

Does the tonearm lower manually or with a lever or button ?

      the tonearm is manually controlled with tonearm lift lever.

About Function

Can I record the vinyls to my computer?

      Yes you can record them to your computer.

What's the difference between phono/line out switch? can i play records through an old stereo i have using rca out and through incl. speakers at same time?

      This changes the voltage out of the RCA only. If your amp/receiver has a dedicated Phono input, set it to Phono. If it only has an AUX or anything not saying PHONO, set it to line-out.

About Installation

Do you really have to assemble it and wrap a fishing string with a weight around the armamature?

      Yes, it will prevent the needle from skating across the record.

Do I need to make any adjustments or is the tone arm and stylus already zeroed in?

      You need to adjust the tracking force and anti-skating force. 

Do you have to have an amplifier to use speakers for this? I'm a first time buyer and didn't realize all that was needed?

      This turntable does not have built-in speakers, you need to connect this turntable with powered/active speakers using RCA cables. There is no cable needed if you have Bluetooth speakers.

About Bluetooth Connection

I can't connect wirelless with my bluetooth soundbar,why?

      As for your issue, we kindly suggest you try below steps:

1.Follow the instructions to pair the Bluetooth speaker and the turntable, turn off other device's Bluetooth function to avoid interferrence.

2.Please check if the Bluetooth indicator will flash while pairing.

3.The best pairing range is within 16ft. You can try to turn on the turntable first or turn on the Bluetooth speaker first.

Can i connect this to my yamah receiver, via hdmi?

     No HDMI port. Only options are Bluetooth, RCA cable or usb-pc cable. 

Can this be connected to an older none-bluetooth receiver with wire?

     Yes, it can be connected to an external receiver via RCA jacks.

About Speakers

Should I get a Receiver to help with sound quality ?

      Yes. Or you can connect it to powered/active speakers.

How can I make the sound louder? I've connected it to speakers via Bluetooth, but it only plays at one volume level.

     This record player does not come with volume control, please try to adjust the volume on your speakers.

About Product

Does the arm return back to its resting position after the record finishes?

      No it does not have auto return on the arm.

Is the cartridge removable

     Yes, the cartridge is removable. But we only recommend for professional person to replace it as improper operation might damage the tonearm and cartridge.

Does it play all three speeds?

     No, this turntable only plays 33 1/3 and 45RPM records.

Is the needle/arm weighted and adjustable?

     Yes, the tonearm tracking force is adjustable.

I was curious to know if the tone arm is metal, either aluminum what is a plastic? It doesn’t look like with the tone arm is attached to is plastic

     The tone arm is made of aluminum and the plastic part is the dust cover.

Is this turntable real wood? Is the wood looking part shiny like in the pictures?

      This turntable has specially-designed lacquer finish wooden cabinet, which makes it look shiny.

Auto stop and return feature for tonearm?

      It's a manually operated turntable. There is no auto stop and return.

Can it convert vinyl to mp3?

      Yes, it can.

About Product

will it automatically return or stop when finishing playing?

      It will automatically stop when finishing playing but the tone arm needs to be manually returned to the tonearm rest.

Does this turntable have built-in speakers? If i need to buy external speakers?

      Yes, the turntable comes with built-in speakers and you do not need to buy external ones.

Is the needle replaceable?

      Yes, it is.

What is the dimension of this record player (not the dimension of the package as mentioned already)?

      17.32'' * 14.57'' * 7.56'' (440*370*192mm)(lid closed)

 Is the platter made of metal?

      Yes, it is made of aluminum.

About Bluetooth

Can it connect my phone via bluetooth?

      Yes, it can.

Can I connect this to a wireless/Bluetooth speaker?

      No, it only come with Bluetooth input functionality, which means you can connect it with your smart phones or tablets instead of Bluetooth speakers.

Will this device connect with a Bluetooth headset, earphones or AirPods?

      No, it won't. This turntable only comes with Bluetooth input functionality, which means it can pair with smart phones or tablets.

About Function

I noticed a speed adjustment - how do you know to speed up or slow down? I don’t see the normal dots on the turntable used to adjust speed

      This turntable does not come with a speed control, only 33/45 RPM/ Bluetooth dial.

Does the system also play 7 inch records or have an attachment for the larger hole?

      Yes, it does. The turntable comes with an adapter.

Does this have a USB connection in order to connect to a computer to convert to mp3?

      No, it doesn't.

Does this turntable have anti-skate?

      No, it doesn't.

About Installation

Is assembly required, or does it arrive already assembled?

      The platter, belt and the counterweight need assembly.

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