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Tips When Buying Your Vinyl Record Player

by Arnold Zhang on October 25, 2021


Many things change, while many others remain eternal. A turntable is one such piece of equipment that has undergone major transformations. The turntable is not only for collectors but also has an important place among modern equipment. It intertwines history and innovative thinking. 

The popularity of the turntable has never ended, and even today, many people like it. In addition to the decorative function, it can also provide good company in terms of classic sound and nostalgia. Here are the tips when buying a 1byone record player.

How to choose the best turntable?

As you already know, a turntable is a relatively simple piece of equipment you can use to play classic discs. However, today, you can find a surprisingly wide range of models on store shelves to play CDs, SD cards, or flash drives. 

The market has a wide collection of turntables that feature different designs and prices. Some models may even be suitable for DJs, but you can also purchase a classic turntable for home use. Other parameters determine the quality of the turntable.

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Choosing a turntable based on the purpose

If you want a simple turntable that plays old discs, you don't have to look for a special and expensive model. A simple turntable is sufficient to serve your needs.  

On the other hand, if you want a versatile model, look for one with better compatibility and connectivity to a flash drive, an SD card, external hard drive, or CD. Worth noting, some models can even be connected to a computer via Bluetooth connectivity.

If you want to use the turntable as a DJ, you can consider other details, such as whether you want to play music directly from a tape recorder, CD, or flash drive. 

Drive type

Another feature to keep in mind when buying your turntable is the drive type. You'll find that most modern devices come loaded with a direct drive, which is one of the most reliable.

With this drive, the turntable is driven by a magnet controlled by a crystal that prevents rotational fluctuations, thereby providing better sound quality. As well, these are popular with DJs. 

Another option is the strap drive which is the classic version and has been present since the invention of the vinyl record player. Even though it has its drawbacks, a slight adjustment can deliver more impressive charm. The change in sound waves can create a truly authentic atmosphere. However, you may have to replace the belt quite often because it can break over time. The belt-drive system of 1byone turntable is not only vibration-damping but also outlast its warranty for a longer lifetime. Simply switch the speed by a handy speed dial instead of adjust the belt manually.

Arm and needle 

The arm and needle are important components that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a turntable. There are straight and curved shank players. The straight shank type moves on the designated track but does not avoid fluctuations. In contrast, it adapts to the shape of the bent-stem player arm so that the sound quality will be noticeably better.

The pickup is located at the end of the player arm, ensuring electronic sound transmission from the needle to the turntable speakers. Sometimes the pickup is separate; other times, it is with the needle. When the needle wears out, it can be easily replaced. 

The needle can be elliptical or spherical. The latter is of better quality and holds the defined track better on the plate.

Features and accessories

The basic function of a turntable is sound and playing favourite music or tunes. However, it also requires other features and accessories to improve the user experience. Turntables come with built-in speakers. However, you may need to buy separate speakers to bump up the sound and achieve a high-quality musical experience. 

An important feature is hitchhiking, which ensures that the disc player stops or the playback function returns to the original position after playing a disc. 

Other accessories include cables which are useful for connecting the turntable to the DJ desk or computer. You can also consider a DAC transmitter, an application or software that you can use to digitize the recordings and store them in mp3 format.


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The turntable can be the star of any system. The amplifier can be called its heart and the speaker the face, but it is the sound that can change everything.

A high-quality turntable dictates how you consume your music. Quite often, you may not interact with any other component as often as you do with your turntable.

This consideration puts serious pressure when choosing a suitable model. Without a doubt, looking at the vast range of options, and you begin to dream that you will get a model that meets your needs and one that you’ve always dreamt of. 

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