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Trending Turntables Instruction - 1byone H004 Turntable with Speakers

Trending Turntables Instruction


A wonderfully refined turntable housed in a stylish, retro-inspired wooden cabinet, taking your playback to the next level with clarity, precision and insight.

1byone is a audio manufacturer based in China with a 10 years history of making stunning sounding vinyl turntables. The H004 Hi-fi Turntable Stereo Set is one of the trending products of this company, it was designed with a vibration-damping belt-drive system, which helps to provide a more stable spinning for a better listening experience. A pre-mounted Audio-Technica cartridge can offer a strong tracking ability. And two 18 watts Bluetooth Hi-fi speakers, you can even connect your phone to play music through this high-powered speakers.

The H004 is fully packed with craftsmanship, innovation and aesthetics, it plays your vinyl at an accurate speed and extracts every musical detail through a high-precision cartridge and built-in preamp. Together with powerful speakers comes with the package, now you can truly enjoy the sound of vinyl in high quality with a room-filling listening experience.

The Outlook of H004

The H004 Hi-Fi Turntable Stereo Set includes one belt-driven turntable and two 18 watts high-powered speakers. The vinyl turntable and the two speaker are wooden exterior, where the vinyl turntable adopts the most classic design with a 16.34 inches long chassis and a static balance straight arm. The cartridge is applied with a Audio-Technica AT3600L in the type of moving magnet. The two speakers are 9.8 inches high, 6.3 inches long and 6.2 inches wide. Surprisingly, these two included speakers should be connected with the Bluetooth connection, but don’t worry, they still can instantly provide a dynamic and warm sound that fills the entire room.

Turntable Highlights

It is the use of a low-noise DC motor and the evenly spinning of the platter at a precise speed of 33-1/3 or 45RPM via a damping belt that keeps speed variations to a minimum. What's more, the H004's statically balanced tonearm ensures that the stylus remains centered in the groove of the vinyl record at all times, resulting in distortion-free performance.

In addition, the H004 hi-fi stereo turntable incorporates an improved preamp, which helps filter out some of the background noise while amplifying the signal. So now, whenever you play a record, the H004 turntable is faithful to the original recording with a precise and powerful sound.

It's still early to finish introducing the turntable itself, supported by isolated feet that ensure horizontal positioning on every surface. Weighing in at 3.7 pounds, the heavy iron platter has great rotational inertia and stability, now becoming more stable with every spin, giving your records a smoother and more consistent sound.

Tonearm & Control Panel Highlights

As for the design of the H004 tonearm, it carries an Audio-Technica MM AT3600L cartridge and stylus that provides an impressive channel separation and powerful tracking, which is what makes the distortion of the original sound quality so low.

The other end of the tonearm also has an adjustable counterweight and anti-skating force to control your analog audio. Not only that, but the turntable is equipped with easy-to-use controls to let you switch between 33 1/3 or 45 RPM to play 10 inches or 12 inches vinyl records with precision and stability.

Another point of great convenience is that you can switch between phono and line levels, making plug-and-play listening very easy, no matter what type of stereo system you have.

Speakers Highlights

Play your favorite tracks on the included bookshelf 36-watt high-powered speakers that feature impressive volume and Bluetooth connectivity. Reproduce original recordings with bright highs, lyrical alto and smooth bass to provide warm, detailed sound throughout the room.

And of course, in today's age where you can connect everything with your smart cell phone, these two speakers also support wirelessly connecting your phone to the speakers via quick Bluetooth pairing to play your favorite music.

Other Features

Even that portable turntable can seem bulky whenever you take it out, and even well-protected vinyl records are subject to more or less wear and tear. So use the included cable to digitize your vinyl records into high-resolution audio, and you can enjoy your record collection wherever you go, whether it's on your PC or smartphone.


In terms of price, the H005 Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable is much cheaper than the H004 turntable, but will be less than the H004 turntable the pair of high-powered speakers. other than that, they have no greater differences in function, and the design, the H005 turntable uses a piano lacquer appearance, so it looks more luxurious. It is indeed more suitable for users who have the same pursuit of music and home decoration. Again, the H009 turntable is better suited in price, but also in size, for those who are trying to buy a turntable for the first time and want to do so in one step. It has a all-in-one design, so it is also more suitable for placing in a smaller space.

Generally Speaking

The H004 Hi-Fi Turntable Stereo Set is a very good deal for beginner, it has a heavier iron platter, so it has better performance in terms of stability. Secondly, these two high-powered speakers with the help of Bluetooth, you'll be able to create a better stereo effect depending on your room layout. In addition, the well-designed tonearm has many features like its’ Audio-Technica cartridge and needle help to capture every detail of the vinyl record. What's more, there's a promotion going on right now on the official website, and you'll get 5 anti-static vinyl sleeves with the purchase of the H004 turntable. 

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