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Luscinia Acrylic Sheet Record Player

1 BY ONE Turntable

Acrylic Sheet Record Player


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Get ready to spin your vinyl collection with our sleek and stylish record player. Rediscover the classic warmth of analog music and enjoy a modern twist on timeless classics. 

Key features:

  • Moving Magnetic Cartridge
  • Built-in Phono Preamp & Line Output

  • Wireless Bluetooth Output

  • USB Recording via PC

  • Accurate Counterweight&Solid Iron Platter

12" Vinyl Record Inner Sleeve -(Pack of 30)

Designed for more efficient organization and protection for your albums. Free of static electricity to keep dust away and colour tabbed to locate your records easily. 

Luscinia Acrylic Sheet Record Player
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  • Anti-static to keep dust away

  • Perfectly fits 12" vinyl record

  • Crafted with heavyweight PP material

  • Self-sealing with light pressure

  • Colour-tabbed for efficient organization .search-bar{ visibility: hidden !important; }